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Originally Posted by zjkid View Post
She was underage at the time.
well that changes things. kinda deliriously tired right now. on a very very f'ed up sleep schedule right now.

still though, with no solid proof, i officers sense of smell cant hold up that well in court as admissible. all it would be probable cause. and like i said, whos to say she wasnt spilt on and wacked out from hitting her head?

obviously a FAR stretch but people get off in court because of less. COUGH..oj simpson...michael jackson...ray lewis...

that the bittersweet thing about our judicial system, if shit isnt done by the book you can get away with murder, literally. entire cases have been thrown out because of Miranda screw up or evidence chain of custody!

underage or not i cant believe they nailed her without any proof other than the responders who dealt with her. i think thats why there is such a variance in the sentence 30 months - 15 years? thats a big fuckin difference lol

but idk just my useless rambling, i prolly need to go to bed and rethink this later lol
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