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Originally Posted by NuckinFoob View Post
I'd like to know if she was above the legal limit. Chances are yes, but, without concrete proof I am betting she is going to get closer to that 30 months. I wonder how it would of went if she plead innocent to the drunken driving. If they have zero blood tests then there is no way they can convict her. Smelling like alcohol to a cop is only probable cause to probe further, not a fact of guilt. For all they know she got spilt on and was woozy from the collision. Ya know?

She's gettin what she deserves, a little time in the pen to think about her actions, but I dont see her staying in too long. Prolly out in under 30 for good behavior and if she gets time served included.

Whether she was a .02 or a .40 doesn't matter anymore because the proof isn't there. I'm suprised a dui charge stuck.
She was underage at the time.
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