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How is controversy over national anthems "far far worse" than the things illegals in the US get away with??? You have no idea guy. I'd gladly listen to the US national anthem in spanglish and not sing it at school (not that ones in my area really do) if every other thing on that list got erased.

I understand diversity, you want to be in America, you pay your dues, and you don't know English yet, ok..ok.. ill deal with some mexican version of the anthem so you can feel patriotic...

But don't come into my country where I pay taxes and get usage of those funds for free, and all those other benefit. Shit we have ignorant hispanics in this country flying their flag over the US flag. I have even seen it flow above an upside US flag. I feel bad for the substantial amount of hard working, ethical hispanics that have to deal with their illegal counterparts.

If thats all Canada has to complain about when it comes to illegal immigrants consider yourself lucky. National anthem isn't even on the list of thousands of complaints Americans have.
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