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Got the rear frame plate bent around the outside of the frame and welded.

Started boxing the frame, have one side done. Most likely will get to the other side this weekend.

I also cut what was left of the inner fender supports off of the cab.

I hope to have the frame finished by sat. morning and re-mount the cab. Then I will take final measurements for the back-half and draw it up in Bend-tech. If everything goes well and I have the right amount of ambition I make be bending tube on Sunday.

I have also decided that I will be moving the frt axle 8-10" forward, this will put the tires about 2" forward of the stock frame horns. I wasn't going to move the front axle due to steering box relocation issues. The stock F250 box already need to be moved ahead 2-3" to line up the the highsteer arm. Which meant that moving the axle forward 8" would have made it necessary to notch out my bumper to clear the gear. This would not look good at all.

Then I remembered that I have a 77 F-150 gear, this box was meant for crossover steering and mounts to the outside of the frame instead of the inside. I also puts the pitman arm out towards the front of the truck instead of towards the rear like the 250 gear. This will allow me to mount the F150 gear in the stock location and line-up perfectly with the steering arm after the axle gets moved forward.
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