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I picked up on this this afternoon and it has basically wasted my entire evening. Now It's 3:30 and I've had too many beers...

Anyway, cliff's notes: he (Prostock30, Phildo, whatever) posted up with her cell number wanting people to text her into oblivion for stealing his remote, ipod, rubbers, and chewing gum. People demand further explanation, and he admitted to whoring around on her after a fight and posted a pic that turned out to NOT be her. Crap was given for that and he quit posting for 30 pages or so. People call her for her side of the story and she comes on, calls him a liar and a man-whore with tiny equipment and no stamina, and eventually says that he choke-slammed her and put her in the hospital. He never denies it, and it comes out that he is the one harassing her, and she wants nothing to do with him. People demand proof of her identity, call her an attention whore, and dig up personal details on him. He talks smack and then quits posting again. Some people give her crap and she keeps posting (probably unwise and not helpful with the AW image). Generally a bad scene between two people of questionable integrity (but probably him more than her). In any case, nowhere near as entertaining as 'ole Charlie and his new (used) gears, but an amusing read nonetheless.

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