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Originally Posted by RockyMTN05 View Post
Early 2000 A4's are very nice cars for the price. Several friends have owned them. I would say that they are on the expensive side to repair, if something big craps out on you.

A buddy of mine has a 98 A4 that he bought for about 4 grand, and has probably put about another 3k into engine work. (Granted, it has over 200k on the odometer)

On a better note, I would buy one in a heartbeat.
my friend did almost the same. he got an 00 1.8t a4 for about 6 grand w/ 170k (i think, close enough) but he never had to spend any money on the engine. i have read many places that you NEED to stay up on your timing belt maintenance, or it can lead to big problems - his was recently replaced before he bought it. he drove it a lot, then sold it to get a bimmer. i had wanted an a4 before he got his, they are really nice cars. the quattro was amazing in the winter; he had no problems getting through the thick stuff on our back roads. i plan on getting one in the future.

edit: \/ that's the kid i was talking about lol

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