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Originally Posted by RockyMtnMike View Post
My in-laws home was broke into sometime this past week or so. The live in Ceresco which is west of Marshall. They are retired and are camping in Florida for the winter and a police officer noticed the door open and thought it looked suspicious. Sure enough someone broke in and ransacked their house. I guess it could have been a lot worse but it appears they were looking for things they could offload quickly. I just thought I would post this just incase anyone sees any of these items for sale.

19" LCD TV
.22 pistol (I think he said Smith & Wesson)
.22 rifle
16 ga Browning with a belgium barrel
410 single shot
30-30 Marlin with a scope
They also took a bunch of jewelry which was older stuff and had more sentimental value.

I'm sure they got more but those seem to be the big items that they know are gone just by talking over the phone. There is someone staying in the house until an alarm can be installed and I think they are coming home very soon.

If anyone sees any of these items for sale please give me a call or PM me
I install for ADT and thats in my service area if you or your in-laws have any questions feel free to let me know.
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