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Default Nothing like bad news at Christmas.........

When I was a kid.....I used to write poems to express feelings. Not a kid anymore, but still have feelings.....

3 days before Christmas
and I just lost my job.
The customers deserve cheerfullnes,
they will not see me sob.

I'm not young anymore~I'm 52
half crippled from arthritis...
What am I going to do?!

Am I scared, worried? Oh you bet.
This is going to get bad
But hey, I haven't given up on me yet.

It's no ones fault, nothing was done wrong.
The boss tried everything he could,
to keep the business strong.

I know he too, is laying awake tonight,
wondering even now,
how to make this right.
Yes, I'm scared, and I'm worried about me....I don't know yet how, or
even why...
What I do know, is this too, I'll survive.

foot note: anyone got any leads on jobs in Gladwin area????????
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