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Originally Posted by SHARPMACHINE View Post
My child can not ride on my property without it?

Also, how old does a child need to be before they can get certified?


Legally, no. Another fine example of the government over-stepping its boundaries - while I agree that no one should be turned loose on any type of machine without supervision, I also don't agree with the government trying to make up for the idiots who allow their kids to ride totally unsupervised. This is a topic in itself.

Back to the original post:

For the 7 year old: CRF-50
For the 12/16 year old: TTR 125 - you can get the L if you want the larger version depending on how big your 12 year old is.

For everyone recommending bikes such as a CR/YZ80 (and the KTM 200 recommendation - WTF?? I've rode for years and can barely ride a bike like that to its full potential), I would say that a two stroke should be a bike to upgrade to if need be in the future, not one to start off on. I've rode for years, and I consistently find that when I hop on any 80 I get the front tire off the ground more than I do on my 125/250 2 strokes - you're sitting right over the wheel and they've got a short wheel base. This means it hooks up, and can easily pick the front end up....overall, not a good beginner type bike - they'll either pussy-foot it and foul plugs, or they'll really try to ride it and end up hurt....just my opinion
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