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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
Nobody respects him, everyone knows he's full of shit and don't believe a word he says or believes any pic he posts is real.
Must be nice to have a reputation like that and disliked on every 4x4 site around.
No Stan not every 4x4 site. More like Hated cus i like to lead not follow.

i don't fit in to normalcy. why cus it's dead. Entertainment at best.

I got out of Michigan and seen the Real World, My life isn't boring.

and as for pictures i post whats mine and post whats not mine and say it isn't whats wrong with that?

This is me Stan my picture. enjoy it for your entertainment.

How many people can say they Wheel'd outside Michigan this year?

let alone Wheel'd Michigan.

Their is People who i have Wheel'd with on this site this year. And Yes i took pictures of them and had no issues.

Why cus this is what this site is About. Not to Cry about someone's Drama if people who just spend as much Time Wheeling then Bitching on a Forum about me or anyone else.

it would be unreal.

out in the Westcoast things are not like this out there. all they do is Wheel and Post pictures and Video of what they and others have done.

i would wish Michigan could be alittle more like that other then Bitch about Crap like this.
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