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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
first off you were in violation many times if you carryed in all those places...second your CPL doesn't allow you to carry in a bar so knocks out the law that says you can carry it open in a bar...Olive Garden doesn't count as a bar more than 51% of thier sales are for food not booze...I dont suggest you try and push your limits...because it is clear that you dont really understand the laws that you are reading...many laws are on the books that are the oppisite of each other. So when open carry laws states you can carry into a bar openly if you have a CPL, but your CPL laws say you cannot carry in a bar...guess what you cannot open carry in there either even though you think you understand a law you just read that said you could...but if you must try and let us know what happens...I suggest you dont
Can you show me a court case where an individual in possession of a CPL and an open carried firearm has been found guilty of any sort of firearms violation? This isn't a challenge because I think someone else is right and you are wrong, it is a challenge because I would like to get the truth.

Just because you have been through the Academy doesn't mean you know every letter of the law. All of the codes are open to interpretation, if they weren't, we wouldn't have courts and judges and attorneys. The out come of cases is what is really important, your opinion of code is irrelevant
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