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Originally Posted by blackjeep View Post
He is DEFINITELY holding the stripper pole, while maintaining a rather (we'll call it) flamboyant pose. I'm guessing this man was, hands down, the life of the party.

I'd probably grab as much unopened intox as I could semi-politely get away with and find something a bit more interesting. Was this by chance the got mud xmas party, Rockstar?
Nope not GM it was the other ran down site in Michigan they call it a Jeepers site but right now it a Parking lot of Drunks.. they never off road just sit in the driveways and make plans to do a run then say hey i got to go Bowling

Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
I imagine you fit right in.

Personally, if I was invited and showed up, I'd stay and have a good time with those folks - instead of snapping some photos, running home and posting them - trying desperately to make myself feel like I finally found some people that I am better than.

it was there pictures i would never be into that mix.or party to Gay for me.. and too much beer..

Originally Posted by Icemanii View Post
Say what you will, these people still have one thing Rockstar will never have.

Real friends and people who actually like them.
whats wrong with not having any friends like that if Friends is what matter's in your life then keep on Sucking up to the people you do on there Gay web sites.

Originally Posted by Icemanii View Post
Too bad, like almost all of Cockstars photos, don't think these are really his. Makes him even more of a loser.

Wonder if his Mom has any kids she is actually proud of?
if it's on the web it's all Mine remember that And far as you calling my Mom out about me. Your what 8 years old? found on the street? o' wait you were lefted at the hospital you don't know your true momma poor boy
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