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Originally Posted by 95geo View Post
If that happened to my truck and they didnt total it I would threaten the inspector/adjuster with their life until they came to terms with reality and totalled an obviously totalled truck.
That's a perfect example of someone not knowing WTF they are doing at their job.
I know some add just dink stuff to actually total stuff out, but i think some stuff got missed there. things add up VERY fast, i used the Mitchell estimating setup the last semester i was in school and even just minimal damage added up to quite a bit.

Originally Posted by Fuel Fire Desire View Post
$7100 in damage, without airbag deployment. Shit adds up quick. The rear end was fine BTW. The cost was almost all in cosmetic crap and labor.

First (and only) winter that car ever saw too.
what cosmetic crap? it looks like alot of the front suspension is kinda wasted mechanical time=$$
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