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Default One Ton Waggy build

Figured I might as well do a build page on it. Here goes

The what?? A 68' waggy. $150 with a deal with a buddy. (Axels for sale!) Over all good shape for the year, and done mostly right. Like the rust that started on the floor so they put down good sheet metal down on the whole floor pan back seat to firewall... but they did some as another memeber called it booty-fab on some of the other places.

The goal with this is to pull the stock axels (done), motor (350 Buick), Trans and replace them with a d60 (will get locker), 14b (is welded), and 455 Pontiac (with a mild cam). Get it up on like about 38's or so and wheel/drive this thing a bit. on with the pics and progress..

On the truck (my dad is a mechanic and wrecker service) just getting home

Hauling some scrap that we dug out to get to the motor on the back of the truck that had the heads we needed. And off goes the rest of the block (the one on the very back)

While at the yard we found some potential springs, which we had removed and picked up a couple days later.

Stock handles (most of them are gone...) and some more yard scrounging found some replacements that I like better anyway...


Yard goodies

The Dana 60 that will end up under the jeep

The 14b and d44 that were under my blazer/truggie are going under for now

Sitting side by side getting ready for axel swapping

In the prep time we got the heads back and on the motor sprayed a lil paint on there for looks and almost ready to drop in.

Well onto the first real wrenching on the jeep itself. After swapping front axels on dadís dd/plow truck for ubolts (he had another and new bolts for it) we swapped a pair of 10bolts under the blazer so we could have the 14 and 44 for the jeep. We got to work in the heep

After the 14 was under the heep

The next session got interrupted by the need to fix some roofing. We got 5 sheets of new OSB put up.

Now back to work...

Got the front out and put it out by the rear we took out a few days before.

Then got to putting in the springs from the yard as you can see the driverís spring was wasted and the pass didnít look much better. The springs were taller too (made me happy)

Steering box and mount bracket look about as good as the steering linkage off the old axel did so there will be some fixing there. And the fronts are longer than the old ones so we will be moving the shackle mount a bit to unbind the springs. the rear we are going to remake the hangers altogether and move (the springs need to come together a bit. witch we guess will raise the back about 5 or so inches. and we will do what we have to make the front match.

I think we have figured out what we are going to do for fuel too. A buddy has a plastic tank in a j10 that we will mount into he back. The bottom will be higher than the frame rails and will stick trough the floor in the back, we will box it in and build a sub-floor with storage bins around the tank so that when the back seat is folded it will be flat from the back of the front seat to the tailgate. (Pics for visualizing later)

So in capping for now. Some before and after,





And one just after doing the front

And the same shot with a jack under the back to see about what it will be with the back done

Fenders will be trimmed to fit and tires put on later

I will update as progress is made... let me know what you guys think!
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