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Originally Posted by kj kyle View Post
what other tools do I need for basic fabricating?
that really depends on what type of stuff you want to do...there are lots of tools that you can make yourself, and others that are handy to have, but you may not have much of a use for...

use an old c-clamp and cut off the fixed end, weld a small section of heavy plate to the cut end, tack weld it where you want to clamp a piece

take a piece of angle, whatever size you have laying around, with a heavy wall, and cut off two sections about 4-6 inches long...clamp them to another piece of angle to hold them parallel to each other, spaced about 1-2 inches apart, and weld some strong pieces of scrap between them to hold them in you have a simple jig that two pieces of round or square stock can be clamp into to hold the butt ends togthor and aligned while you tack them togethor at opposing sides, and have access almost every where around the seam to tack

cut two pieces of lighter angle about 24-36 inches long, drill a hole at one end of each, and bolt them togthor using a wing nut...use a smaller angle finder or protractor to set the angle, and lock them in place to have a larger angle guage

honestly, there is an endless number of fabrication tools you can make yourself, and its common to make your own jigs, fixtures, tools, etc as your using them...thats part of fabricating
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