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more hipocracy, they all have armed guards, and new orleans had 1/3 of ots cops turn out to be pussies who fled. The remaining who werent looting were glewfully beating up old ladies to take their guns, all the while bands of robbing thugs run the city .... THIS IS THE SOLUTION ? I can't belive this was even brought up to vote on.

Lastly cops dont have to "protect you" there is no guarantee the will even try, and you have ZERO recourse if they dont protect you.

I propose a bill that everyone who votes for ANY gun control bill forfeits all rights to their armed guards. Clearly there is no danger out there .... why are we wasting money on guarding you ? They get no guards at all no escorts nothing, just like little old ladies in the hood who have to walk to the market through gangland. Everyone who thinks its a magic fairy land can live like its a magic fair land. Bunch of queer fairies
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