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do i look old !
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Default How old folks get wild

Its amazing how things change once your over the hill that you didnt even see coming . Here are some examples for you , think i made these up ! wait till your my age

We still use many of the same terms young folks use , we just use them with a different meaning .

Three sum :

Dont think sex , this no longer has any such meaning . What it means now is your wife will be bringing along some person you really dont want there for dinner or some other gathering .

Wife swaping :

This is sort of the same when your young or old , the differerence is the purpose for swampping wifes . What it means at my age is your swapping for a valid reason . Heres a great example . Your wife is an excellent cook but the laundry is backed way up . You swap with your buddy who is looking mighty clean but could use a good meal :tonka:

69 :

Whats the difference ? Its now for a mutual foot rub

Will you sleep with me ? :

It means just what it says , SLEEP .

Pet names of effection :

Sugar , honey sweetheart . Young use them as terms of endearment . At my age i use them becuase i cant remember her name to safe my ass .

I wish i could afford a maid for you honey :

Now its for the purpose of cleaning the house .:tonka:
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