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I won't go back and look for statements to quote about deleted posts on his site but.......

When I joined his site a year ago there was discussion about what the class should be. People were talking about things like changing tires, air pressures, hi-lift jacks, winches, etc. When I made the statement that those items would take 4 + hours to cover properly and they were nuts if they thought they could do it in a half hour, MY POST WAS DELETED. I tried rephrasing it, it was deleted again. I asked why it was deleted, no answer, my question was deleted. So, yes, I was one of those people who was so mean and nasty that I needed to be deleted. You all know that's my style.

Then I was told that any form of arguing on the site would not be tolerated. I was also told I was not the kind of person they wanted there. Then I went away.

Now some other info. I made a strong effort to resolve issues with Kelly through pm's. I apologized and we had a half dozen decent conversations. I offered up some of the tried and true GLFWDA info and offered to get a bunch of GLFWDA members who had been around to come down and give him some comments on what they had seen around the country in other parks. He never took me up on it.

Since then, I've kind of forgotten about the place because it seemed targeted at the <35" crowd. But now that I've seen his further tirades, I'm convinced that he's not going to change. Therefore, my money goes elsewhere.
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