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Originally Posted by Brods View Post
If he is going to come here and use the GL4X4 forum to promote his business then he should be willing to answer questions about the park on the GL4X4 forum. It is the least he can do in return for the free advertising. Clearly he has a problem dealing with people on the internet and should hire someone like you to respond to questions he doesn’t like (or simply keep his mouth shut).
Thanks for the advertising and I understand your concern. I will do my best to stay on GL4X4 so I can keep up with the questions.

Originally Posted by Brods View Post
So since you have graciously offered to help get us a better idea of what the park is like, a couple of questions:

Is there a link on the “Skool” main page to the park rules? Is there a pdf where all the rules are clearly stated?
There is not a PDF of the rules but on the JeepSkool General Discussion page there is a JeepSkool Rules thread (
There is also a event FAQ where more guidlines can be found (

Links to both of these can be found in all of the staff members signatures for ease of access.
You may also request a copy of the rules during Skooling.

Originally Posted by Brods View Post
It appears one must become a member of an internet forum to visit the park (first it was JeepinOhio and now JeepSkool) is that true and if so, why?
Yes, all JeepSkool event attendees must be registered forum users. I have never discussed with Robocon why this is but I believe it would be safe to bet that it is in an effort to get every one on the site and reading the rules and 'contributing to the JeepSkool community'

Originally Posted by Brods View Post
So if I understand it correctly the park management decides when too much trail damage would occur during a vehicle recovery and then requires the heavy equipment to be used. Is that correct?
Yes, would be at management's discretion as to when too much trail dammage would occur. Just to clarify, heavy equipment would usually need to be used to transport a very broken rig off of the trail not to un-stick a vehicle.

Originally Posted by Brods View Post
What other fees exist for getting stuck and/or breaking down on the trails and who decides when they are applied? For example, is there a fee for the vehicle being in the park past closing time? Etc.
As far as I have ever seen, there are no other fees to be applied on stuck or broken rigs. Your entrance fee covers you being in the park from opening on Saturday till 11 pm on Saturday and then again, from opening on Sunday till 9 PM on Sunday. You are more than welcome to camp, but there is to be no wheeling past 11.

If your rig breaks down on the trail and is unable to drive home, you are welcome to keep it in the LOCKED factory for up to 24 hours so that you can return with a trailer and retrieve it.

Hope that helps and feel free to ask if you need further clarification.
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