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Default F250 brakes suck

They used to suck now with good pads (Bosch) front and rear turned rotors in the front and new in the rear they are acceptable without much vibration. I guess in the future I won't wait for the pads to go all the way down before I replace them and turn the rotors again. I still need to swap the PS fluid to Mobil One because I have heard that not only helps the steering but also the brakes since they are hyrdraulically boosted.

Not only do they suck when they are new, they suck when you go to replace the pads at 80K. I baby my truck did the fronts earlier in the year and turned the rotors forver at my buddies shop before they were decent put good pads and got some stopping back. Did the rears last weekend the rotors looked terrible. Pads still had 1/4"+ on them had to have the rotors turned at Murrays due to lack of time. Murrays tried but turned them down as far as they claimed that they were allowed and they still had tons of rust on the inner and outer edges (~50% of the rotor surface).

So the 1yr rotors = $75 a piece the 5yr = $160 not in stock. I bought the $75's, plus pads = $45 not bad but if I had done it the way I prefer it would have only been $40 plus $10 for each rotor.

They claim that they see more and more rotors that can never be turned even though the owner tried before the first set of pads ever wore to metal. What kind of bs is this. They also claimed that there machine couldn't turn the inside parking brake surface and the parking brake shoes are $167 anyways so I said f that!

I love Ford's and I will continue to buy them to support the jobs that I have and have had and friends etc. but the quality seemed better on my 79 for sure.

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