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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
WTF? Driveshaft? Ain't gonna be no room! You're going to have to make the motormounts pivot (transversely) and make the engine/trans/rearend all one suspension component.

You go Girlfriend.
I actually thought about doing that at one time. I will have enough room for a driveshaft by using a modifed powerglide trans. The total trans length when I'm done with it will be about 17 inches. That will give me about a 11 in driveshaft. Since the rear suspension travel is only goint to be a few inches, I'll be ok with that. I talked to my driveline guy before the build and he said that length would be ok. He's also the one that suggested offsetting the rear diff so the pinion would be centered and the driveshaft would be correctly aligned.

This is my secret weapon for the build. I will be building my own but you get the idea. These trannys are very short.

I'm glad you guys find this build interesting. I personally am enjoying trying to make all this stuff work. I am taking the experience from building the Metro and applying it to this vehicle. This is really only my second "from scratch" car build.

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