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Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Where I come from "ass wipe" is toilet paper and as you know Obama is not white. Nor is he "plain" OR "simple". I totally agree that his bowing to someone does not mean shit, I do not agree that he is the wrong guy to be President, just not the best guy to be President. I doubt if he really sucks anyone's ass.
Being American means being WHO YOU ARE regardless of your nationality as long as your allegience is to other Americans. None of our families are actually FROM here (unless you are a native American) we are ALL from somewhere else originally, that's what makes Americans know you MUST have heard about the whole "melting pot" thing in school, right ?


I know he's not white or plain, but the jury is still out on simple.

THe guy's an idiot put in office by a bunch of dumb asses that never researched his positions or agenda. They went off what the media told them, which was nothing, and thats what fills their heads, nothing.

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