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Originally Posted by sabastian View Post
wow! i think all of about 3-4 posts were helpful. most of you didn't read everything i had written. i am now dumber for ever posting this on this board. i thought i'd be able to talk to some reasonable people about guns since it seems like alot of people here own at least one. guess i was wrong. i'll stay in the tech section from now on and consult a professional about guns. i thought my girlfriend would freak when i told i was considering one, but she pretty much ragged me for NOT having one and how she's always wanted one for that reason. did my words come off like i was going to look for someone to shoot? i had mentioned 3 times that would go above and beyond to know how to be a responsible gun owner. yes i am upset at what happened today, but if you read anything i wrote besides my sarcasm remarks, you would know i've been thinking about owning one for a while. what i meant about taking it out unless i had to was only for the reason to actually use in an emergency. i wouldn't be a responsible gun owner if i didn't take all classes, practiced shooting at a range, trying out a few different types, ect... the reason i don't own one now is because i don't know enough about them to own one. i wouldn't be a responsible owner if i didn't. i also don't live in a mansion where i have the time to gather my family into a safe place and get my phone from the kitchen to call the cops. i completely agree with all that have said not to get one out of anger. if you want to be a legal and shit, you can't go out and buy one the next anyways. i guess you can if you buy one illegally. that's not being a responsible gun owner now is it? i'm done with this here.

I seriously hope you are considering a weapon for personal defense - with every person that legally arms them self, one more person joins the side of "equalization".

I also hope that in wanting to arm yourself, you take a serious look into the responsibility of owning a firearm and the skills needed to own, fire and maintain one. It is a serious responsibility, as you are accountable for that weapon 24/7/365 - and any accidents that may come from possessing one.

I, for one, understand your anger. Nothing makes you feel more helpless than being the victim of a crime - except when a loved one is a victim of that crime and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. My sister was held at gunpoint, face down on the floor, during a robbery at work. She doesn't choose the best places to work, but that's not the point - just thinking of someone holding her down at gunpoint - deciding her fate... it gets my blood boiling.
I also have had a house broken into while I was at work and the perps beat up one of my dogs. I felt incredibly vulnerable and violated.

Anyway, calm down, spend some time with a responsible gun owner and their guns to see if it is for you. Owning firearm is a lot of work, but it is well worth it.

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