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Originally Posted by sabastian View Post
thank you PACMAN and othe guy who suggested a revolver. i'm not looking for any kind of revenge. thank you for being the small percentage of people who know how to read on this forum. i simply stated that the reason i don't have one is because i didn't want to put the time into it, but if i was considering one, i would do all of the above mentioned like trying them out, talking to a professional, taking ALL classes and more, practice at the range, ect... not sure how many times and ways i have to explain it to others so they understand. i would never want the chance to shoot it in an emergency, but if i had to because i'm in danger for my life? i would make sure i am prepared to do so. i'm curious what some of you would do if your family was in danger. hide like a little bitch and not protect your family? i would hope you would do something, but what?
a rhody is just short for rhodesian ridgeback. and don't talk to me about spelling on this forum. most of you can't even complete a sentence.
The best things a Man can do for his family is stay out of Jail. If you use any kind of Force and Accidentally kill someone, You're family will be worst off then if you let them take the TV and Computer. To answer your Question simply, I'd make sure my family was safe and I would do all I could to keep them that way intill the Authorities Arrive. This is not being a "bitch" but rather a Smart, Responsible person. Something you will understand if you take on of those classes.

Comments like these are what get you the attitude from most of the people on here. And as far as Spelling goes, You may want to be able to type Proper Paragraphs and Form Sentences of your own first before you start throwing that one around. Either except the advice you've been given or continue to make a Complete fool out of your self.
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