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thank you PACMAN and othe guy who suggested a revolver. i'm not looking for any kind of revenge. thank you for being the small percentage of people who know how to read on this forum. i simply stated that the reason i don't have one is because i didn't want to put the time into it, but if i was considering one, i would do all of the above mentioned like trying them out, talking to a professional, taking ALL classes and more, practice at the range, ect... not sure how many times and ways i have to explain it to others so they understand. i would never want the chance to shoot it in an emergency, but if i had to because i'm in danger for my life? i would make sure i am prepared to do so. i'm curious what some of you would do if your family was in danger. hide like a little bitch and not protect your family? i would hope you would do something, but what?
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