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Originally Posted by Slade View Post
L4cx is exactly right !!! It's called diplomacy...Nixon had it (did you see how low HE bowed in China ?) Reagan did not, Clinton had too much of it and Obama is truely a "man of the world" we need to remember that being "American" means something. It means that we are able to deal with people and situations without carrying a big stick into the room. That we are SOPHISTICATED enough to realize that other people desrve respect for their culture and ways.
You forgot the part about: isn't doing a Good job.

The guy (Obama) is an Ass Wipe plain and simple. Obama bowing to somebody dosen't mean shit, he's the wrong guy to be president, he's Sucks Ass.

Being an American means being American, not Canadian, Mexican, African, or anything other than American.

Obama Sucks Ass like all out of control liberals
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