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I under stand also the theory of " i would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6" that makes sense.. the ultimate goal here is survival and protecting self and more importantly family

If your life is in danger and you have no way out, you must do what you have to in order to "stop" them. now, in stopping them, they may be killed however it is all in the wording. But just by saying that "you will kill anyone that walks into your house" you are automatically setting yourself up for problems. I also feel that just by saying the things some people do in forums like these and especially over at migunowners is doing nothing but incriminating themselves and proving cases against themselves and their character if anything ever were to happen.

for instance, if you have a problem with someone who has threatened your life.. lets say an enemy, jaded ex husband, stalker, whatever... and you say to someone if that bastard comes in my house, i will shoot that son of a bitch dead on the spot" and then, this person does in fact come looking for you and one night breaks in looking for you, and you do in fact shoot him dead... then guess what, you just basically admitted intent to commit murder.

in self defense, personal protection and even when referring to the castle doctrine it is referred to you having the right to STOP the aggressor or intruder and in many case that is only if your life is in immediate danger and you have no other way out. basically cornered with no other option and in some cases they need either be wielding a weapon, or be of significant capability to overpower you and cause great physical harm.

The way people talk sometimes makes me think they wish someone would break in just so they would have the opportunity, well guess what? talk to anyone who has taken a life before. You won't feel as much a man as you think after. In fact, i bet you are never the same. And if you do feel good afterwards, then guess what? You should have never shared 2nd ammendment rights with us in the first place.

So before anyone goes around "bigdicking" and acting like a tough guy or superhero, keep in mind that your actions will have long term consequences no matter what.
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