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I have here a wrench that is nothing short of pure manly power. It was hand forged from steel that was blessed by Charles Bronson on July 4th 1979. After being blessed by Bronson it was completed and stored away in the back room of a hardware store in Grizzly Falls Montana for several years. After the owner died in a freak alligator wrestling accident the wrench later turned up on the black market in Asia. I had to stick fight the Thai champion Tang Fo for the rights to take the wrench. After separating Tang's heart from his body using an oak stick, The wrench was stolen before I could take ownership.

I thought all was lost

Whilst I was in kazakhstan for the annual toddler heaving championship I saw the wrench on a wall displayed in the local brothel. I asked if I could buy it, and was told I would have to arm wrestle kyrzgi the local bear man. Afte breakinghis arm in 3 places I finally took ownership of this blessed piece of manly glory. I have since leased it out to Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris,Steven Seagal etc. It is capable of disassembling bridges, being a weapon, making women horny etc.
wow how did he come up with all that BS
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