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Originally Posted by Skooter_Built View Post
Its good stuff, way better crime then watching those stupid ass Wop Dago's on the Sopranos.
First, I've started watching the Sopranos on DVD (I'm in season 3) and it is THE GREATEST show I've ever seen. Period. I'm hooked.

After spending a second day locked up in the house with "the swine", I watched several episodes of the Sons of Anarchy (after hearing so many complaints about "too many" Dynas I needed to). It's like a low-budget version of The Sopranos - not bad, I think I'll watch. btw, could use more "real Halrleys" (i.e. Dynas).

The last episode on OnDemand had them at the Indian land doing shrooms. Was that the 90 minute one (didn't seem like it)?
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