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Let Israel sort out their own problems. They have been doing this since the time of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
Yea, except their last resort this time is atomic.....and we really don't want that to happen.

So 9/11 gives us free reign to go after who ever we want if we think they are terrorist is what your saying?
God damn right! If the gov. thinks someone is gonna bomb a place where I or someone I know....or ANY american is....I damn well expect them to act.

It's obvious that you didn't know anyone that died on 9-11 and really don't give a shit about the people that did. I myself, have a large empty spot in my heart for 3 people that lost their lives that day. And feel for the other families that I will never meet. Nothing can bring them back, but ANYONE even remotly involved in that should be punished by the wrath of the U.S. Any nation hiding these people, or allowing them to hide in their country, or helping finacially, or spiritually, or fundementally should be considered the enemy.

Oh and

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