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Cmujeeper I think you are missing the fact that 9/11 was a catalyst not a direct 100 % isolated pure connection. 9/11 was not by any one nation, does that mean who should sit on our thumb and play sit and spin with our ass?

I don’t want to repeat what the chef and muddy paws said they said it well. I want pro active not reactive, heck the trade center was attached in 1993 by AL quada it took all of the Clinton administration and into bush 1st term. If not for 9/11 I don’t think we would have ever woke up or got serious about the problems of radical fundamental Islam.

Radical fundamental Islam is not isolated to al Qaeda, and al Qaeda is not the singular problem we have to worry about. I saw another post about Israel and whether we should get involved or when? Hezbollah’s mission statement says they want to exterminate Israel and push the Jews into the Mediterranean and then wipe out the democratic capitalist west.

Hezbollah is a 100 % enemy of freedom, capitalism democracy, and Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism (al quada has been destroying Buddhist temples since the mid 1990s) and all secular nations.

If someone called your home and said they were going to kill you and your wife and kids do you call the cops, or you wait for them to show up? When they show up do you try to talk them out of it?

Me I mow the whole bunch of them mutha fawkers down, and die if I have to, but they aren’t getting any freebies and won’t get me or my family with out a fight.

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