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Originally Posted by IrishChef

Keep your powder're going to need it.
I don't read 4 books a day or how ever many your read so if you don't mind explaining what that means I would appriciate that. You see I'm out of school know for the summer so I can't run to my prof and ask him what that means since you just told me that is what I do when I don't understand things.

You are also telling me that the RESERVES were set up for when smart americans think the US is in a pointless war and don't want to inlist to be shipped out and possibly get killed for defending some Iraqi's freedom which then gives the US the right to tap into the RESERVES and maybe so but boy that sucks.

Do you know that there is an automatic $30,000 sign up bonus to be in the army and they still can't get people to inlist. Doesn't that say something about how the collective young population feels on the matter. I hope you die young for your sake so you won't have to see what the world will be like when we get to your age and are making all the decisions.

Originally Posted by MuddyPaws
I have a son, i'm not going to let him stick his hand in the fireplace and then act.
You protected your son just fine by moving to the Just make sure he knows to say away from the guys in flannel that live in the woods :tonka:

I say lets go get Iran since they do have the capablities to hurt us but do it in good time. Why jump in feet first without the rest of the world like we did with Iraq and once again be on everyones shit list.

You probably won't believe this but CMU does a good job of keeping politics out of the class room and we just got lights for the football field and are going to destroy BC on Aug. 31st if your interested in tailgating. How old is your boy? I seem to remember him as being to young to tailgate but it's cool, we can make some coolaid or something
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