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Holy crap are you kidding me? The minor WMD are just the beginning. Next comes atomic. Think that won't change your life?

I know the talk was of Iraq but leaning toward Iran...they are in the process of building atomic bombs. They already have a ICBM designed and built. Do you think they would hesitate to fire one of those things off? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

Police? No, protection. That's what I expect my government to do. I have a son, i'm not going to let him stick his hand in the fireplace and then act. I will procect him from harm. Uncle Sam should do the same for us. They failed us on 9-11...they don't want to make that mistake again and I am glad they are doing what ever it takes.

I served my country, and would do it again...even if it meant keeping your sorry, lib, anti-troops, "lets wait till they toss a nuke at us", ass safe and free to be spewing the abolute filth that comes out of your pie-hole.

Gezus...CMU has really really f-ed you all up. Way to be a free thinker.

Keep looking at life through rose colored glasses...

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