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I refer to you as a child because your reasoning and debating skills are childish. Sorry if you're offened.
The WMD and intel on terrorists have not just been found, as you may have been led to believe. The fact that the administration doesn't feel obliged to share everything with you must come as a surprise, and I'm sure it is.
No, you don't have permission to be an asshole, but I see that fact hasn't stopped you from doing so.
Using National Guard units to augment Regular military troops is not a "backdoor" draft, it one of the main purposes of the organization.
"Sending kids somewhere to die" is a rather simplistic way of looking at strategic deployment of our forces, but I've come to the conclusion that you know very little about what is going on, and care even less about opposing points of view.
It's obvious that you've been impressed by someone at your school who has a similarly small view of things. It's a shame, because you probably aren't so bad in person. However, you should attempt to become a more well-rounded person in terms of your political views....all things in moderation,as they say.
Don't for a minute think that things are as they,and politics, are certainly not what you hear in your classes or see on TV. But I guess you have that all figured out, huh?

Keep your powder're going to need it.
"Trade me right the fuck now!"
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