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Originally Posted by IrishChef
As with any liberal confronted with facts, you find yourself totally unprepared to face them, and try the personal attack.

OooRAH, MutherFucker!!
Ahh, personal attacks. Nice and I think your the one that called me kid. The OooRAH, MutherFucker must mean you used to be a marine which gives you the permission in your mind to be an asshole the rest of your life.

O yeah, congrats on being old and accomplishing something since I think that was what you were fishing for with sharing the info on all your book reading and your two degrees. Just so you know that in less then one year I will also have 2 degrees and will lead compaines to profit. I'm not a marine so I don't have permission to be an asshole the rest of my life and will strive for peace and not world policing.

How do you figure that I don't have a grasp on real life? Is that because I don't think we should be sending kids (as I would guess you call all people my age) some where to die. Let the Iraqis sort their own problems out or kill each other in the process. I really don't care either way as long as Americans don't have to die. I'm sure that the Alaskian National Gaurd (who were just deployed) who signed up to protect the US in circumstances where the US is in danger are wondering why they are in Iraq now. Please explain how the backdoor draft is good for our country or sending our troops all over the world is good for America?

So they did just find WMD as Mustard and Sarrin were classifed in 2000 by the U.N. and documents just found from 1993 that stated they had terrorist ties.

So since they just found those documents does that mean BUSH was just guessing that they "might" have ties to terrorist of 9/11 which gives them the right to attack?? Maybe actually hunting down the people that we think attacked 9/11 would have been the better plan and would lead to a littler higher approval rating by the US or as you would believe.

Answer that one question for me about the guessing by the BUSH folk that has send our kids to die and

ARRooahh or what ever that is Big Guy.
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