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Originally Posted by cmujeeper
Please explain to me when we got attacked by Iraq.

WMD . . Mustard gas . . please!! I'm sure myself or my family would not be affected by some gas going off on the other side of the world. That bastard gained control and some person would do the same in the future. That's how the world works if you have had time to read a history book. We do that in college, read books.

So how come you didn't join up and head off to Iraq to fight if your so Pro US? Would it cut into your GL4x4 time?

And you calling me a boy is kinda funny. So what do you do that you consider yourself a man in a man's world?

Jammison feel free to correct me again since your Always right You might even know when Iraq attacked us.
As with any liberal confronted with facts, you find yourself totally unprepared to face them, and try the personal attack.

Sorry, kid, it won't work. The fact is, done my part for this country, and if asked, would again.
As for the mustard and sarin gasses, they absolutely are classified as WMD. Sorry .
Iraq was a belligerant nation that claimed to have WMD, and in fact, did. That nation also went out of it's way to portray itself as a player in the WMD field, which it was. Also, said nation has been proven to have had direct links to more than one terrorist organization. Weapons, training and money were furnished.These facts alone justify our incursion in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
On the matter of knowing how the world works: I may not know everything, or even a lot, but I know infinately more than you. I've studied political science and the causes of warfare for well over thirty years. I average four books a week on the subject, every week, every year. I don't form my opinions quickly or regurgitate what others have told me. I left home at seventeen and worked my way through college.I hold two degrees. I've run businesses to profit. I've seen people shot dead because of what they believe. I've seen people die for what other people believe. I'm married ,and am raising four children who, at less than thirteen years, have a better grasp on what it is to be free and be an American than you will ever have. So don't you question whether I'm a man or not on here.

OooRAH, MutherFucker!!
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