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[quote=cmujeeper}I mean since we didn't get attacked by Iraq and all and we can't find any WDMs . . . just wanted to bring up those two points again [/quote]

"...we didn't get attacked by Iraq..." So? Explain.

"...we can't find any WDMs...." Oh, really? So the stockpiles of sarin and mustard gasses don't count? ( won't find it on OTA networks....they're anti-American, like you)

You would be better served if you actually had a minimal grasp of what goes on in the world, rather than reciting what your feeble little professors feed to you. Perhaps, if you were attending a University known for it's deep, bi-partisan thinking, I'd be inclined to give you a bit more credit for the ideas you attempt to convey. However, you come off as a boy trying to find his way in a mans world...and not doing a very good job of it.

And as to your being a "free thinker" will be when you stop reciting what you've been told.
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