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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
Gee, he said maybe the guy cracked and did this on his own, or maybe he was part of a larger group, we just don't know yet. But we will find out.

Yep, that must be how you defend people.

Originally Posted by matnic View Post
Can someone explain how what he said is defending him? What I read is that until there is a clear motiv and all the fact are out, he doesn't want to say is that a defense?

oh, and the comment simply stating that Obama sucks ass was the best comment ever

I'm not standing up for Obama at all, but I'm also looking at this video and seeing absolutely NO WHERE does he stand up for the shooter or even say his punishment will be less. He's simply saying "We don't know yet, and we don't want to comment initll we know". Kind of seems to me like he's trying to play this one safe as far as being Politically Correct. Lets not forget that he's a politician .

That aside, This guy, the shooter, should get punished to the full extent of law no matter what his motive were.
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