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Originally Posted by greygoose View Post
Well then isn't he guilty of something 50% of the time?
in theory yes. but unfortunately obamian law exempts him from any attachment to the whites.

To raise you one. Look at all the shit the reps and senators get away with too. The latest one I saw is Barney Frank's butt-buddy got busted for growing pot at their crib. Barney claimed to have no idea what it was. Yea, right.

Not to mention there is a shitload of things they should be held responsible for and aren't. If I am convicted of a felony my employer may terminate me as a worker if they want. Why doesn't the government do the same? Throw in some term limits, get rid of all the benefits and then we have some government servents.
you will not see a change until people take a stand. america is divided worse now than prior to the civil war and it is getting worse. the day is coming.
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