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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
But there are plenty of people talking about motive, and this is starting to become another divisive topic as many are jumping on the terrorist bandwagon without all of the facts.
1. Muslim.
2. Numerous contacts to al qaeda recruiter.
3. Says U.S. is waging war on Islam.
4. Enters room full of U.S.G.I.s shouting "allahu ackbar".
5. Shoots and kills 13.

You think the Obama diminished capacity reference should get him off?

Aside from terrorist, his oath as a soldier makes him Treasonous.

Maybe he ate a twinkie or the neighbors do was barking at him, but it pretty much looks like a faithful muslim on the path to righteousness.

And even though there are plenty condemning the act (not the actor), it would be better if a few good muslims turned these followers in BEFORE they pile up bodies. Until that happens....
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