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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
According to what I have heard about this guy he did not just snap. This was a planned attack. One does not jump on a table and call out how great his god is and then start shooting in his name. This guy had been in contact with terrorists(alkyda) and had attended mosques which 9/11 terrorists also attended. We need not sympythize with this man he had a plan to kill as many american solders as possible then himself, which he was not successful in doing. Now I can see him shot for treason and put in front of a firing squad.
If the peace loving muslims do not condem this act then they themselves are jusy as guilty of condoning jihad actions. And they wonder why they are profiled against when not one will stand up against these type of radicals.
I didn't hear that part of the story. I didn't say I sympathize with this guy, I said I sympathize with the Peacefull Muslims that are out there. They now have one more ugly example of Extremeists in thier Religion. Just like we do In Christianity. I'm sure that alot of the Peacefull Muslims do Condem these kind of actions but you'll never hear about it. This world focuses on Negitive press. And I personally don't think most "Muslim Looking" people are to blame for profiling. It's just how our country is.
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