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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Don't worry, it's not my job to teach a religion class or an atheism class. I don't even really cover the scientific method, I'm a social studies teacher. I did teach a science section in a summer program this summer, it was fun. As a social studies teach though, I have and would cover the the atrocities committed by various religions including Christianity. The Spanish Inquisition is the most fun, I think.

As long as you keep it straight facts, I don't care what you teach. It's when personal ideas/thoughts get mixed in there is when I have a Problem. Not saying this happens with you, just saying.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
WRONG! With a Proper understanding of the bible (in it's entirety) and the Christian Faith you would clearly see that is not what we are called to do, AT ALL!.. You're full of it.
Does the bible say it, or does it not? I understand that you believe that you have a proper understanding which allows you to ignore those verses that don't line up with what you want to believe.
The Bible does say that, but the bible also teaches that Christ came to abolish the old law by fullfilling it. Christianity teaches the Teachings of Christ; the main two commandments being: 1) Love The Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul 2) Love your Neighbor as yourself. The first of these two is part of the Old Testement laws. The Second was braught into the picture by Christ.

The Old testement laws were specific because of the absence of the holy spirit in those people. They didn't have it to help them Decern what is sin or not. That doesn't mean we can't learn from those commandments, but if one condredicts Christs teaching then we won't follow it. This is what I mean when I say "Understanding of the Bible".

You need to make the Clear Distinction between The Hebrew Religion and Chrsitian Religion. Christianity was born from the Hebrew religion but it is not the Hebrew Religion. The Hebrew Religion is the "past" of the Christian Religion. The Future only lies on Christs Sacrifice on the cross.

Also please keep in mind that I was not the one that braught up Christianity, You did. LIke you always do. Even though you say you don't have something agianst it.
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