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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
This bill is shit. I've got into the first 800 plus pages, reading every page, everbody keeps picking one paraghraph or sentence to say the bill is good or bad, overall it sucks...It's going to cost EVERBODY more money, and your going to be at the mercy of the government regarding your insurance coverage. They also have provisions to fine you if you don't have insurance, the kicker on this is when you get fined your not covered on the government program, also the fine is structured that if you no longer have private insurance you can go to the government option , but the government has the option to dump you at their descrection. Now you will be fined with no insurance and no way to get any....Sweeet.

There is also about 10,000 different policing agencies that will be formed to watch each other watch the insurance companies.

Nice that there will be a 5.4% tax on people making 500k. Thats 27,000 dollars of descrimination based on income.

Also a ton of affirmitive action type descrimination that you will pay for.

The bill sucks for everybody that is an American.
section 115 is joke as well. basically saying that your treatment will be assessed in real time based on your ability to pay for it at time of treatment. (page 77 item 17)

also right in the beginning they state that the individual cost of the government plan premium cannot exceed 125% of comparable private market plan of equal coverage.
Let's translate that: are going to charge you 25% more than what you pay for your current plan.
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