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Originally Posted by NSmist View Post
I'd find some interest in them. Go pull half my dash apart and replace all the dead or dim ones. This is $6 per single LED bulb (5 led's in 1) if I understand correctly?
You're correct, $6 per socket (would be a better way for me to say it) when each socket has 5 LEDs. When they have more than 5 LEDs, price is $12 per socket.

Originally Posted by methodx55 View Post
Can you replace the gauge cluster bulbs in my S10, and replace pretty much every bulb in and around the truck?
Likely - I'll have to see to be sure. I will be getting in several different colors of what I used for my dash. I can do all the single filament ones that are the metal socket type - not sure about the plastic base "T" ones, as the bases seem to be a different design mold than what my Jeep used. They don't fit down far enough in the socket it seems.

Originally Posted by Guitardrumr View Post
Price for the full gauge/console LED swap, footwell, map lights, rear cargo, and front dome light in blue LED? Would you be able to install? I'll probly be getting these and the HID stuff I mentioned in the other thread sometime in mid-December if you'd be available.
Gauge cluster is $12, Center console $12, footwells were $24, map lights, $12, front dome $12, rear cargo $12 (for the dome/cargo, modular lights must be epoxied or at least glued to lens, they are a bank of 24)

$84 to do a cherokee like I did mine.

Originally Posted by wrifrocks2005 View Post
Ryan how about some easy install LED rock lights?
I know not of what you speak. Pic?

Originally Posted by Blue XJ View Post
Do you have more than just the bulbs? I am looking to add some interior lights to my truck, but there is currently nothing there, no wires or sockets? Do you have the sockets for the bulbs to plug into?
Nope, I just have the bulbs. I think that they have sockets at say Murrays, but I will ask my supplier about it to see if there is a better solution price-wise

Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
looks sharp!

Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
I love the look of the DRL's being a light blue, and it's been 5 days, and they haven't burned out like the OEM replacements due. lol
Awesome - and I found some that are the same size, but with 27 large SMD LEDs (vs the ones we put in the Yukon were 18)

Thats another thing to note - with the exception of the gauge cluster lights, these are the newest technology SMD lights, not the weak bulb looking kind.

Those T10s are what I used in the map lights and center console. I'll be getting ones with that base, but longer with more LEDs. That size can also be used in the side marker lights of an XJ and many other cars. It doesn't mess up the blink rate to just use that.

The metal socket ones work in the footwells as well as in the lights of older cars.

Those are what I put in the dome lights. Super bright. The forward dome light on a cherokee will have to be wired direct as my LEDs do not have the hooks on them that the stock festoon lights have. That will only make sense if you pop the cover off to see what I'm talking about.

On the blink rate issue - if anyone knows of a heavy duty or electronic flasher that will work with a 97+ XJ, pass it on please! I'd like to do all my amber lights, but they will go into fast-blink mode unless I do something with the flasher, and I don't want to add resistors.

Thanks for the feedback - I'll be getting a ton more in a week or two, but I still have some left in stock.
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