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Default LED interior and exterior lighting

As stated in my HID thread, I'm going to have some LED's on hand as well. I got a "sample quantity" of LED lights in stock, and want to gauge interest - see what I should be stocking. Below are pictures of my XJ.

I changed out the gauge cluster lighting to blue, put white LED's in the center console, white in the footwells, map lights, rear cargo area lights, license plate, brake light, ect...

As CC pointed out to me, these LED's are also excellent for use for bulbs that seem to burn out alot, like DRL's on GM trucks.

All the bulbs I have right now are single filament replacements. I plan on getting dual filament replacements on my next order. The biggest problem, is that the T-base bulbs are not the same as our factory. They need to be modified to work. The older-style socket ones work great.

Again, I have some in stock, but interested in demand and what I should buy more of.


The overhead dome lights are $24 total, and the forward dome light will have to be spliced in. If you know the domes, the rear is a snap in festoon, which I have the adaptor for, but the forward one clips on, which I do not have the adaptor for. It will make sense when I show you. The LEDs are then taped/glued to the lens. Its a bank of 24. Compare to the bank of 25 here: Note that I am selling two for $24 instead of one for $22. That video shows the same connectors I have and how they install.

Overhead Map lights:

$5/ea for 5 LED/fixture
$8/ea for 9 LED/fixture

5 LED available in White, Blue, and Yellow (yellow goes in XJ side marker lights)

9 LED available in white, blue, and red (red replaces XJ CHMSL)

Footwell lights:

$12/ea for 18 LED/fixture single filament replacement - $18 on
$15/ea for 27 LED/fixture single filament replacement - not offered there

18 LED:

27 LED:

Gauge and warning lights:

$2 each (need 5 for 2nd gen XJ)

Reverse lights:
$15/ea for 27 LED fixture

Brake Lights/Dual filament turn signal replacement, 27 LED fixture: $18.

Festoon lights (not used on XJ, but many other cars, many cars map lights and license plate lights are these, available in white and blue: $5

XJ Center console, available in white, blue, and green: $3

Super bright CMOS projector LED in white: $5

Installed pics:

Gauges in blue. Some "hot spots" but a little better in person than in pic.

Showing incandescent bulbs in yellow, vs LED map light.

"Modular" LED's to replace cargo light. Plug and play right into original festoon mount for power. LEDs are mounted to plastic lens.

Licence plate light. Also can see how bright cargo light is, even through tint.

Center console

Footwells and dash in general

edited for change in pricing - got new 27 LED units in and lowered prices on smaller fixtures.

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