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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
Both of you people speak in absolutes; I hate when people do this.

I, for one, hope you and/or someone you love fall on such hard times as to not be able to afford health insurance.
But that's not all.
I hope that while you're struggling to keep your home/car/furniture from being taken away, you and/or someone you love gets incredibly ill, to the point on near death, and you have to go to the hospital not only to be well, but to actually survive (because you will have put it off that long).

Only then, you might see that some of the people that use this system use it out of need and not out of laziness.

Think of it this way - something happens to you/your job/finances and you have $1000 a month to spend.
If $500 goes to rent, $200 to car payment/insurance and $300 to feed your family, where does the money come from to purchase insurance?

Medicaid takes care of these people in need - and that's what needs to be fixed. Both of you guys need to stop listening to propaganda and start thinking for yourselves - unless you're truly that lucky to have never been without health insurance when you needed it most.
A Little late on your hope there Scoot. Ever think that maybe someones negative impression of medicaid and welfare comes from exp? How about a relative if mine that has been on medicaid only while going to school so he can get a job? Sound good right? But he been going to collage for 8 years and has yet to get an associates degree. But then again he is on hard times. Or how about an old friend who had his kids on MI child, sound ok because his employer didn't offer health care, right? So when I told him where I was working was hiring and had kick ass benefits his response, well I'll lose a dollar an hour and have to drive 15 min. farther to work and wouldn't even apply. Not saying everyone is like this, for example a co-work who was laid off shortly after I was who has a son with a similar disability as mine had to use medicaid and welfare while he was looking for work. This I had no problem with he was trying to get off the system but only use it as a last resort which it should be. Just maybe as you wish this things on people because you don't like their view, you should think that maybe some have that view because of what we have actually seen.
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