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Originally Posted by vikingpartsman View Post
dude your an a** hole i would never have traded you if i new you were going to sell it that truck is worth more then 1500.00 it has that in to the motor you got it 4 months ago im still trying to put the peice of shit back together that i got from you have a great day

Dude, This guy is anything but an A-hole. You're just mad because you got unlucky with a Purchase of a USED car. It's his truck now, He can do what ever he wants to. I've known him for quite a while and I have not once seen him do something deserving of being called an A-hole. He's a Stand up guy who has nothing but postive feed back.

Also, the reason he is selling it for lower is because it's a buyers market. I'm sure the truck is worth more but in this market you can't get crap for used cars. I agree that the truck is worth more then that, it's just not he right market.

Furthermore, Airing your "dirty Laundry" on his forsale thread is just plain out right disrespectfull and I'm pretty sure it's agianst Market place rules. Be a man about it and realize you're stuck with a truck that you had plenty of chance to say no to.

Originally Posted by big_ol_bronco78 View Post
it's my truck, i can do whatever i want with it, and it's not my fault the truck you got from me turned out bad, i told you all i knew about it, you test drove it and made it over 2 hours home. i'm sick of hearing from you and your buddy about that truck, stuff happens, i didn't try and rip you off or anything, i told you all i knew about it. that happens when you buy 30 year old trucks, sometimes you get one that needs work, i've went through that myself. mind your own business and leave me alone and quite being a jerk.
Oh, and what he said.

Bump for your truck.

:Edit: BTW, By r-eposting stupid posts you're only proving more and more your Imaturity level. Which, By what I can see, is pretty high. But hey, Keep posting new posts, You're just getting his thread more time at the top. Could you and your friend please grow up a bit and take what happens to you like men.

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