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Originally Posted by GRpurpleTJ
Perception of Quality

This is a joke. We (US Manufacturers) have the capability to produce the highest quality automobiles in the World, but we throw in "Statisctical Process Controls" which seem to make it OK to have a defect every X vehicles. If you're the one who gets the're pissed...and eventually you're going to buy a product that is built with more quality PLANNED into it. The attitude at GM seemed to be..."we can't demand that sort of quality, because the workers won't do it". That's crap! Insist upon a quality job and the workers who care will step up. Those who don't need to be on the unemployment line.

I WAS a die-hard GM buyer, but I've been burned too many times. My Acura is amazing, and I will likely buy another one when I'm shopping for a new car.

Having said that...I won't be trading my Jeep in for a Toyota anytime soon.

- Scott
from here:

Statistical process control was pioneered by Walter A. Shewhart and taken up by W. Edwards Deming with significant effect by the Americans during World War II to improve industrial production. Deming was also instrumental in introducing SPC methods to Japanese industry after that war.
It's what the Japanese used to achive quality.
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