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So last night I'm getting ready to build bump stop mounts decide to put the shocks in just to make sure everything is going to work out at full bump. So I get to full bump height and I'm not even close to bottoming the shocks out . I double check my 23.5" compressed thats written on my bumper, yeah not so much. It's 21.05" from SAW's website, 23.5" is for the shocks I sold off . So now I have to redo my shock mounts on my coilover hoops How I missed that, I haven't a clue.

So on the passenger side I can get 5.5-6" of uptravel, on the drivers side I can only get 4-4.5" of uptravel before running into my track bar bracket. I took it off and modified it once already to get another 1/2" of travel. Tonight I'm going to cut it another 1/4" which may get me to 5"(not 1:1 ). If I can't get there, is there any reason I shouldn't run my bump stops at different heights on the drivers side and passenger side? The only thing that holds me up on the drivers sides is steering hard to the drivers side. The tie rod contacts the bracket. If the wheels are straight it clears no issues. You can see what I'm dealing with here, this is with the wheel turned until contact, wheels straight, it clears:

From the passenger side:

1/2" of shock until bottoming out on the passenger side, shock brackets need to move a little, nothing major on that side:

Tucks up pretty well but the exhaust/front driveshaft is going to bring the suck:

Progress in the wrong direction
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