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Originally Posted by Bow_Extreme View Post
He probably pulled the plastic cover off the top of the throttle cable and adjusted the idle screw position. These motors are notorious for gumming up in the top end. The idle speed motor is probably gummed up, the EGR system is probably plugged and may have rotted pipes on the back side of the motor. The entire plentum is probably caked. If you remove the intake hoses from the front of the plentum you will see the very black residue left behind. I'm assuming you have the 302 in this vehicle? If the internals are caked up it's probably a good idea to remove the plentum, idle speed motor, EGR system, etc. and work on cleaning these items. I actually took the plentum off one of my 302's, to an engine shop and had them clean it for me. I also removed the intake manifold and had it cleaned as well. It's a bit of a job but generally worth it in the long run.
Sorry it is the 5.8

I will check this out.....
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